Commonly Used CAP Forms

Regulations & Manuals

File Code: Description Download
M39-1 CAP Uniform Manual
R39-3 Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons, and Certificates
R52-1 CAP Cadet Protection Policy
R100-1 Radio Communications Management
R100-3 Radiotelephone Operations


File Code: Description Download
F2 Request for promotion action
F2-A Request for and approval of personel action
F31 Application to CAP Encampment or Special Activity
F32 CAP Cadet activity permission slip
F50-1 Cadet Leadership Feedback (Phase 1)
F50-2 Cadet Leadership Feedback (Phase 2)
F50-3 Cadet Leadership Feedback (Phase 3)
F50-4 Cadet Leadership Feedback (Phase 4)
F105 CAP Radio Message Form
F106 Ground Interrogation Form
F160 CAP Health History Form
F161 Emergency Information
F163 Permission for the provision of Over the Counter medicine to cadets


File Code: Description Download
P52-15 CAP Cadet Staff Handbook

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