Aerospace Education

When CAP became the civilan volunteer auxilary of the recently birthed U.S. Air Force in 1948, the two organizations came together to promote aerospace education for the nation. The Cooperative Agreement and associated Statement of Work between the CAP and the USAF authorizes and encourages CAP to pursue the promotion of aerospace to its members and the general public. In 1953, CAP turned to the American school system, primarily grades K-12, as the best means to educate the general public on aerospace education. Today, CAP provides educational programs and products to schools to enrich their standard academic subjects using an aerospace theme. In 2008, the National Science Teachers Association endorsed aerospace education as an important component of pre K-12 science education programs. All of CAP’s aerospace education educational materials meet national academic standards, as CAP’s programs inspire teachers and students to explore aerospace subject areas, examine career opportunities and appreciate the Air Force’s role in maintaining aerospace supremacy to strengthen our nation’s security.

Civil Air Patrol's Aerospace Education Mission

CAP’s aerospace mission provides aviation and space education and training to cadets, senior members and the general public. CAP also educates its members and the general public on the important role aviation and space play and will continue to play in America’s future. Additionally, CAP encourages our nation’s youth to consider aerospace careers and promotes civil aviation to local communities. The US Congress and the USAF bestowed this responsibility on CAP, and this mission is accomplished through implementation of aerospace education programs by CAP volunteers.

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